Population, Ethics, and Human Rights Fellowship 2022 for Early-career African Researchers

Population, Ethics, and Human Rights Fellowship 2022 for Early-career African Researchers

Brief Description: Officially, The International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP) was founded in 1928, at a meeting in Paris, which followed the International Population Conference held in Geneva during the preceding year – August 29 – September 3, 1927, (This was the first World Population Conference and it was organized by Margaret Sanger), stressing the crucial nature of the population problems and their influence on social, economic and political situations.  The mission of the Union is to promote the scientific study of population, encourage exchange between researchers around the globe, and stimulate interest in population issues.

Applications are been accepted from low- and middle-income countries from different geographic regions and disciplinary expertise and supported to become a cohort of thought leaders in this emerging field, including support for multidisciplinary collaboration.  Fellows will be hosted at WiSER and ISER, so their residential fellowship will include the direct study of and engagement with contemporary issues in South Africa and Uganda, as a complement to their studies or areas of work (even if not specifically focused on South Africa or Uganda). The fellowship program is designed to be immersive. Fellows will be in full-time residence at WiSER and ISER for 6-months, respectively, and will include three workshops with experts from the collaborating institutions and in the field more broadly. Key roles will be played by all sponsoring organizations supporting the research. Fellows will be mentored by faculty and staff from the collaborating institutions and be connected to new areas of research and practice as well as supported in expanding their interdisciplinary professional network

Application Deadline: August 31, 2022

Host University: All institutions affiliated with the program

Country of Study: All countries affiliated with the program

Targeted Demography: African researchers

Degree Type: Research

Duration: One year

Fellowship Sponsor: International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP)

Award: Fellows will receive a 12-month stipend, travel support to/from their location of residence and between Johannesburg and Kampala

Award Sponsor: International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP)

Eligibility Conditions:

  • Skilled in the English Language
  • Ph.D. or at least 3 years of professional field experience in legal identity, global health, human rights, population studies, or related fields such as social sciences, law, and public policy
  • Candidates expected output to include a series of scholarly/practitioner articles and general audience mini-essays throughout the 12-month fellowship
  • Can and will use the skills and experience earned and learned to provide leadership commitment
  • Can bring expertise and knowledge into the digitization of population register system

How to Apply:

The form requires:

  • Filling out the basic information in the form.
  • Listing the names and contact details of at least 2 professional/academic references. 
  • Upload a short cover letter (2 pages, in pdf), briefly describing your professional achievements about the fellowship as well as what inspired you to apply. [Kindly use the following file naming convention: “LASTNAME-Firstname-CoverLetter” e.g. WILSON-Bennett-CoverLetter.pdf]
  • Uploading of a curriculum vitae (in pdf) [Naming the file:” LASTNAME-Firstname-CV” e.g. WILSON-Bennett-CV.pdf]
  • Uploading a short description of the research project you wish to undertake (Project Title, Abstract, Background, Objectives, Methods, Funding…) “LASTNAME-Firstname-ResearchProject”  e.g. WILSON-Bennett-ResearchProject.doc ]

Please read the instructions provided in the full PDF Call for Applications (above) and prepare your application materials beforehand to be able to copy-paste them into the online application form. The information must be submitted in English. 

The application form can be edited after completion until the 31 August deadline (login into the form using the same email).

For more information, click here

Official website: https://www.iussp.org

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